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These Halloween Makeup Ideas Will Make You Go ‘WOW’

Witching Hour

This makeup makes use of different dark colors to create a witching appeal. If you are not comfortable with such dark shades, then you might want to skip this idea as the colors are bold and have their own appeal which works best when used together.

Masked Beauty Indeed

This makeup lets you use a mask and subtle highlights to become the mystery woman who will be drawing a lot of serious attention towards her. What do these eyes say? Are you brave enough to find out?

Black Widow

Well, I prefer to call this makeup ideas as Black Widow. The reference to spider is obvious as the eyes have a cobweb like makeup. Black highlights the overall theme used for this particular makeup idea. It is simple yet quite appealing, especially due to the shade of dark red adding a hue to the overall appeal.

Barbie Girl

Before you ask me, “What is a Barbie makeup doing in a Halloween makeup list?” let me tell you that a pretty doll can inflict fear if the look is carried properly. Remember the effect that haunted dolls had on you? Well, this is the real life version of that. If you are not sure about the makeup, take a good look at your Barbie doll and you will know exactly what needs to be done.

The Living Dead

Don’t mess with the living dead! At least this is what you would be conveying with this makeup. Unless you are a perfectionist, I am sure that you would not be obsessed with the detailing required in this makeup. Just make sure that you get the shades right and keep it within the line. Everything else should fall into place easily.

Feline Femme Fatale

his feline inspired makeup is for those who wish to look different and are capable of carrying a “femme fatale” appeal with them. The feline makeup takes some time to create, but in the end it is definitely worth the effort.

Monster’s Bride

You shouldn’t try to be the “monster’s bride” if you are not a patient person. This makeup requires a lot of time and precision in order to be executed perfectly. Also, this requires some help so do not attempt to do this on your own, unless you wish to end up with a smudgy makeup that does not have the right amount of detailing.

Haunted Doll

This makeup may not require a lot of effort but it does needs steady hand to get the detailing perfect. The scars and the eyebrows need to be made carefully to create the haunted doll effect. Spend some time understanding the techniques that are involved in getting such makeup ideas executed perfectly.

The Serious Joker

Every time we think about joker these days, we get reminded of the evil “Joker” from the popular Batman series. Yes, this makeup is definitely inspired by the “Serious Joker”, but you can always add your own heinous twist to it and make it creepier.

Corpse Bride

I guess this is more of a full body makeup rather than facial makeup. Make sure that you have plenty of time and patience before going ahead with this idea. Also, consult with a makeup specialist whether a full body makeup will suit you. Chances are that you might not like it after it’s done. So before you invest your time and money into it, ask someone who has an understanding of makeup.

The Eyes Have It

This is similar to the black widow makeup idea that we have discussed above. The only difference is that this is a lighter version and will look good on those who have fair skin. It is a minimalistic makeup idea that needs to be executed with the right amount of detailing to create the desired appeal.

The Abstract Cat Lady

While this may appear to be a measles infected woman, it is actually an abstract cat lady makeup idea. It makes use of bold colors and definite lines to achieve the perfectly crazy look which needs some attitude to carry off properly. If you have it in you, then go for it.


You just cannot go wrong with the “Jigsaw” makeup. It’s pretty straightforward if you ask me. The spirals on the cheeks and the bright red lip makeup with the straight lines are appealing in their own dark way. Detailing is key to pulling this makeup idea off while maintaining the Jigsaw aura.

Ventriloquist Dummy

This is a pretty cool makeup idea and requires some effort and a skilled hand to execute it properly. The makeup needs to be applied with a steady hand so that the different sections, especially under the mouth, is made to blend with perfection. This is what is required for creating a believable mouth on the chin.

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