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Tea Tree Oil: The beauty ingredient that will get you rid of acne!

Every third person suffers from facial acne. However, acne can spread chest, neck, back and arms as well. Not only body acne turns out to be embarrassing, but it also can be painful and difficult to get rid of. People tend to seek doctors and expensive medications, without realizing the fact that they can always seek help from homemade remedies and natural ingredients that are more effective and safe to use.

Homemade Cleanser

Opt for homemade cleansers. Avoid the chemical based ‘100% natural’ body washes and cleansers. Here’s how you can treat acne with this simple yet effective cleanser that can be made right at your home.

-Mix ½ cup castor and ½ cup olive oil in a container.

Add ¼ cup mild baby shampoo along with 3 cups of water. Cover the container and shake vigorously right before applying.

This acne wash can be used with your daily body cleanser. This will help in eliminating the sebum, clogs, and bacteria from the affected area.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be turn out to be a boon when it comes to treating acne. This oil is derived from tea tree leaves. The oil possesses anti fungal and anti bacterial properties, which contributes majorly and effectively in healing skin infections. Here are simple home remedies that can be tried out for a major change in getting rid from the acne.

Tea Tree Oil Lotion:

-Take 10 drops of Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil.

- Mix it up with 20 drops of Rose water. Apply on the affected are and leave for overnight.

This lotion will help in killing the pimple forming microbes.

Tea tree oil Scrub for acne/ pimples:

Mix 2 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoon of fine sugar well. Add 5-6 drops of Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil and mix it all well. Apply this scrub on the affected area and keep massaging. This scrub helps in eliminating the dead skin and also lightening the scars of acne.

Going by several studies, it has been found out that tea tree oil is as effective in treating  acne as many prescription medications. The oil helps in eliminating the bacterial infection by destroying the skin-dwelling bacteria that causes acne. The oil perforates the skin to unblock the sebaceous glands, helping them disinfect and then drying out, preventing further outbreaks.

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