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No Neck Pains with Bael Wellness Travel Neck Pillow

You are a frequent traveler or simply you drive around a lot, one thing that you would come across is that nasty and persistent neck pain that is balking you. Well, that could be a cervical pain and could grow worse with time. 

What is Cervical Pain?

There are discs in our spine which act as cushions. A damage to any disc due to reasons as natural as osteoarthritis in the neck to something as routine as traveling or driving may take the shape of cervical pain. If the severity increases it can affect the arms also.

Well before investing huge money into the treatment of the cervical pain, you could simply prevent it by getting the right travel pillow.

Crikey! Bael Wellness presents a travel neck pillow that would not only help you prevent from a cervical pain but also give you a sound sleep while travelling.

neck pillow designed keeping in mind the most intricate details is the one stop solution for you. It provides support to your jaw and cheek lines, stopping your neck from falling sideways which is a major reason for a sore neck. A convex design compliments the concave neck and holds it better. For a better chin support, there are 2 threads that could bring both ends close enough so that your chin doesn’t slip down. The foam used is high resilient Grade A memory foam which makes it more comfortable than any other pillow. And also it is washable!

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