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Clear and healthy skin is a dream for many. But sometimes, changes in hormones or genetics cause acne. Acne (commonly known as pimples) is also caused when oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells affect your skin hair follicles.

Investing in skincare products is not a remedy to eliminate your acne. Sometimes, bad lifestyle habits also become reasons for acne-prone skin.

The Most Common Causes Of Acne Are:

  • Consuming Oily Food

Oily food create a chemical imbalance in our body, leading to acne formation on the skin. Sticking to a vegetable or fruit diet helps have clearer skin and good health.

  • Not Washing Your Face

Wash your face in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed. You can also wash your face after a workout or coming from outside for freshness.

  • Menstruation Cycle

Hormonal changes during menstruation cycles also cause acne pop-ups. You can adopt healthy habits to ensure acne goes away soon after your cycle ends.

Some Bad Habits that Worsen Your Acne

  • Constantly Popping your Acne

Whenever you pop your acne, you push some bacteria inside. It can lead to more acne and scars on your face. So, avoid squeezing or popping your acne. You can also consult a dermatologist if you are having pain or discomfort.

  • Constantly Scrubbing your Skin

This habit can infect your skin more. So, instead of using a scrubber, again and again, use your fingertips in a circular motion to wash your face gently, then pat dry it with a soft towel.

  • Not Cleaning Makeup Properly

Applying makeup on your skin for a long period and not cleaning it can damage your skin pores. So, clean your face properly after applying makeup.

  • Using Dirty Pillows to Sleep

The dirt and dead skin on the pillow mix with the oils secreted from your face skin and lead to acne formation. You can change your pillow cover every weekend for healthy face skin.

  • Not Using Face Creams

Skin needs nourishment. Face creams contain the necessary elements to rejuvenate your skin and keep up good skin health. Alternatively, you can also use products like Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil.

Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil is a 100% pure Australian tea tree oil. It is a powerful remedy for oily and acne-prone skin.


Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil

Conclusion: Healthy habits lead to Healthy Skin

After a day full of dullness and tiredness, washing your face can sometimes seem like a huge task. But, pushing yourself up and following a healthy skincare regime helps reduce the chances of acne pop-ups and healthy skin.

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