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Reduce Knee Pain After Cycling With Ease!

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Cycling is the best exercise that increases cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and joint mobility. But what about the knee pain that hits you after cycling? Should we stop cycling, or are any ways to get knee pain relief? Below are some points that will answer your questions.

What Are The Causes Of Cycling Knee Pain?

Knee pain after cycling is a common problem faced by people that can also be identified with various signs such as stiffness, soreness, etc. But overuse of muscles can only be considered the cause sometimes. So, here are some other common causes you should be aware of:

  1. A quick increase in training volume
  2. Frequent rides in hill areas
  3. Riding in the incorrect gear
  4. Muscle imbalance
  5. Uncomfortable seat position

Other Sources Responsible For Knee Pain  And Discomfort

Age, injury, or recurrent stress on the knee are the most frequent reasons for knee pain. Tendonitis, cartilage tears, sprained or strained ligaments, and arthritis is common knee issues that must be considered and consulted for proper medication.

Are There Effective Treatments For Cycling Knee Pain?

Treating your knee pain is possible without sacrificing your love for cycling! All you need to do is, beware of mini things like avoiding pressure on your knees, practicing knee stretches, etc.

Reach out to Orthopedic specialists if your knee pain is getting severe and making it difficult for you to perform daily activities. 

Necessary Preventions To Address Knee Pain?

To fix knee pain after cycling, you should start by nurturing your muscles with joint support supplements.

You can opt for the RICE method, i.e., Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. This method will help relieve knee pain while giving it time to recover.

Adjust saddle height, shoe/cleat position, handlebar reach, and crank length to make your bicycle fit for riding.

Consider several aspects, such as your fitness, riding style, and typical bicycling regimen.

Locate the Core of Knee Pain

Anterior: Anterior knee pain is discomfort and pain near the kneecap. The highly-identified symptoms are aching pain at the front of the knee, pain during exercise or when bending the knees, and popping sounds when standing up or climbing stairs.

Posterior: Pain behind the knee is referred to as Posterior knee pain. This pain can show up with varied signs like swollen knee, instability in walking, etc.

Lateral: Pain on the outer side of the knee is a sign of lateral knee pain, having different symptoms like swollen knees, muscle stiffness, worsened pain while walking on uneven ground, etc.

How Do Bael Wellness Joint Support Supplements Aid in Knee Pain Relief?


Bael Wellness Joint Support Supplement

Joint support supplements by Bael wellness nurture and maintain your joints' overall muscle health and have also proven effective in knee pain relief. These are made up of ingredients like turmeric, green tea extract, and other essentials that work like magic with their anti-inflammatory powers to relieve pain. Support the wellness of your joints with  Bael Wellness Joint Support Supplement today!

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