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Medical Seat Cushion- Expertly Designed To Naturally Treat Back Pain

donut for tailbone office seat cushion wheelchair seat cushion

Are you looking for a reliable solution on how to relieve lower back pain while sitting all day? If yes, then today you’ll definitely find a cure for yourself. Bael Wellness is a sole provider of American Chiropractic Association (ACA) approved medical seat cushion and broadly remarked for treating back pain naturally.

Since the seat cushion is expertly designed for optimal spinal support, it is broadly suited for sciatica, coccyx, tailbone, back pain & lumbar support and can be used as Wheelchair Seat Cushion, office seat cushion or Donut For Tailbone. The unique fact of the Beal Wellness medical seat cushion lies in its gel enhanced support and ergonomic design concept; making it highly convenient to be used anytime and carried anywhere.  

Key features of ‘Bael Wellness’ Medical Seat Cushion

  • Bael Wellness seat cushion is designed for even weight distribution.
  • The medical seat cushion is absolutely intended for those suffering from sitting problems or discomfort in the lower region.
  • The Gel enhanced support and high resilient memory foam ensures you the utmost comfort and satisfaction.
  • Bael Wellness Medical Seat Cushion comes with anti-sliding back and ideal for office chair, car seat, airplane, wheel chair, etc.
  • It is designed with molding properties so that comfort can be easily achieved with regular use.
  • Coccyx seat cushion is a great solution for those seeking natural back pain treatment or improving posture.


The human lifestyle is tedious and full of activity where our days seem shorter for healthy things and we spend hours of time on the same posture. This usually affects ailments and results in massive pain; where extensive pain usually makes us incapable of performing.

This is exactly how Coccyx Medical Seat Cushion becomes useful for early preventive measure. The benefits of medical seat cushion (or donut for tailbone) are:

  • It’s a viable solution for improving posture and internal systems.
  • Coccyx cushion or donut for tailbone reduce pressure and increase blood circulation.
  • Coccyx medical seat cushions are a practical solution to safeguards from harsh medications and expensive treatments.
  • Since it is portable, it can be taken and installed anywhere.
  • The product is acknowledged by experts for Sciatica, coccyx, back pain, tailbone, and lumbar support.

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