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Are you tired of applying multiple products on your skin every morning when getting ready? We know how exhausting it gets. Don’t worry. We have listed down some ways through which you can get the natural makeup look. Let us look at what those are.

Natural Ways to Look Beautiful

Cleanse, Moisturize and Exfoliate

Daily skincare is of utmost importance for healthy and glowing skin. Ensure you cleanse and moisturize every day and exfoliate once a week to get rid of dead skin cells.

Eat Healthily

A balanced diet with sufficient vitamins and proteins is essential for having naturally beautiful skin. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also, drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and nourished.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Getting adequate sleep for 6-8 hours a day is important to get healthy skin from the inside out. When you are asleep, the skin heals itself from the daily stresses and produces collagen. Which thus, slows down aging and rejuvenates your skin.

Workout Daily

Go for a run or a walk, hit the gym, do yoga, or go dancing, swimming, or cycling, whatever you feel like doing for at least 30-40 mins every day.

Regular exercising boosts blood circulation, maintains hormonal balance, increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the skin, flushes out toxins, and calms the entire body. All this helps to make you look and feel healthy.

Use Bentonite Clay Mask

For instant and refreshing glow, include Bael Wellness Bentonite Clay Mask with Turmeric and Cloves Powder in your skincare regimen.

How is Bentonite Clay Mask Useful?

Bentonite clay mask works miracles for the skin. It treats acne, removes impurities & excessive oil, prevents skin issues, and provides essential minerals to the skin. The mask consists of turmeric and cloves powder that acts as an antioxidant and natural antiseptic for treating skin issues and lessening aging signs.

You can apply the facial mask by mixing the clay powder with essential oil, carrier oil, apple cider vinegar, or water.


Bentonite Clay with Turmeric & Cloves Powder

Dos and Don'ts For Looking Naturally Beautiful


- Cleanse and moisturize before hitting the bed.

- Use sunscreen before stepping out.

- Use a silk pillowcase.


- Stress.

- Smoke or consume alcohol.

- Eat junk food.


Whether your skin type is oily, dry, or sensitive, these natural ways would beautify your skin in its own way, including our bentonite clay mask. The mask is suitable for all skin types. To see the results, make sure you use it in regular intervals.

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