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How to Choose the Best Travel Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow Travel Neck Pillow

The one thing apparent on long journeys which is almost unavoidable is taking a nap or simply dozing off and apart from napping for no cause, at times we travel overnight, needing no other reason to sleep but the natural one.

Well, sleeping could be a pain especially straight up in that economy class or on that bumpy ride on the bus and thus you need a travel neck pillow. Buying any travel neck pillow could solve your problem but not for a long time. If you are looking for a travel neck pillow, you should look for the one that would give you longevity.

Here are 4 factors to consider before choosing the best travel neck pillow that would endure for a long time.


The first thing you need to look out for a good travel neck pillow is the shape. The right shape provides the right support your neck requires while traveling. Going for those super soft neck supports could give you the softness but not provide the support required to your neck. A U-shaped travel neck pillow supports your neck from all three sides thus protecting your neck from the jerking on the sides.


There are various aspects to consider when contemplating the material of the pillow. The first is washability. A non-washable travel pillow could get patchy over years of use, on the other hand, a washable travel pillow gets a fresh look after every wash. Secondly, pick a neck pillow cover which has a gentle touch. Choose from materials such as suede, fleece or velveteen. The third factor to consider is the type of foam used. A memory foam travel neck pillow is recommended as it is soft enough to adjust to your neck.


Travel pillows come with a variety of designs such as mask-style pillows and thus have a varying cost. Generally, travel pillows come in the price range of 20$-100$ but can go higher. You get additional features as the price goes up.

Size & Weight 

You don’t want to carry along a huge and heavy neck pillow such as a microbead pillow while you are traveling making it an additional luggage. A memory foam pillow can be contracted as it doesn’t have rigid foam and also is lightweight.

Bael Wellness travel neck pillow is made of Velor fabric which is gentle to your skin. The unique design does not require to adjust the pillow while changing the position of the head. It is made from therapeutic grade, soft resilient foam that provides absolute comfort to your neck while traveling.

Travel Neck Pillow Travel Neck Pillow Travel Neck Pillow

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