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How To Choose A Right Frame For Your Face

Specs! An amazing way that enhances dimension and detail to your face. Nowadays glasses not merely serve a medical purpose, they have achieved the position of fashion accessory. But the most difficult task is to pick the perfect frame for your specific face shape. A good rule to remember is to pick a shape that contrasts with your natural face shape like round face look better in square frames as it emphasis angular features of your face. 

You are unique and to maintain that uniqueness you need to choose a glass frame that suits you rather than copying your friend or favorite celebrity look.

To help you out we are here for you, But before that you need to do a homework. Yes, a homework! We can just tell you about what type of frames will suit on a particular shaped face, But it’s your work to find out which shape do you have? 

For this, you can take the help of a camera or a mirror. Tie your hair and click a picture without bending an inch of your face. Then take a pen and trace the outline or what you can do is stand in front of a mirror and trace the outline of  your face to find out the shape

Heart or Triangular Face Shape

A heart inside and a heart outside! If you have a heart or triangular shaped face, pick glasses that are wider at the bottom and try to limit your choice between rectangular or square shaped frame. People with this face shape should choose only rimless and light color frames that are usually wider at the bottom.

Oval Face Shape

Blessed with an oval face shaped? The room is open for you, you don’t need to make choices. Pick whatever you like, there isn’t any real limit. But just be careful while choosing the correct size, avoid extra small or extra large frames. If going to a particular one, we will prefer you to pick a walnut shaped frame.

Square face Shape

Frames that are oval in shape and narrow in width are best fit for square face shaped people. They will soften the angles or the lantern laws and make your face look a bit longer than actual. Try your best to avoid glasses with a flat top as it will make you look very depressing and grim.

Round or Circular Face Shape

If your face cut is round, your main task is to draw people attention away from your jaw lines and cheek bones. For that pick rectangular frame style. Your face will appear flattered, making it longer and slimmer.

Oblong Face Shape

If you have a longer face, choose wider frames for your face. They will make your face look shorter and give an illusion of extra face width. Don’t even try frames that are rectangular or small, it will make you look abnormal or much longer than it is.

Your Specs reflect your personality, it’s just not about comfort only. Choosing a frame that compliments your face is most important while choosing glasses. Take your time to find out what suits you and ensure yourself to pick a striking pair of glasses.

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