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You must be aware of drumsticks and their health benefits. But do you know that the plant on which drumsticks grow is even more beneficial?

Yes, Moringa is one of the most magical gifts of nature.

Let's look at what makes Moringa a superfood and why it should be part of your regular diet.

Moringa Benefits For Bones

Moringa is the best natural superfood that is beneficial for your bones. It has all the vital nutrients that make your bones strong and healthy.

The Moringa is rich in calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin K. These minerals and vitamins are all the nutrients your body needs to maintain bone health.

That's why Moringa is always considered a magic plant. You can get all the quality nutrients just by consuming this one superfood. Adding moringa leaf powder to your diet will ensure your bones become stronger, prevent calcium loss, and support bone growth.

How To Use Moringa For Joint Pains?

In addition to numerous health benefits, consuming Moringa also relieves joint pains. Moringa is also packed with major nutrients and a great source of protein, iron, calcium, and amino acids, which aid in healing your body and helps to build muscle mass.

It is always ideal to consume moringa powder for joint pain. Daily consumption ensures less inflammation in the body, and if anyone has a severe amount of joint pain, then applying the paste of moringa leaf powder on the affected area will balance the "Vata" and relieve the pain.

Does Moringa Help With Arthritis?

After knowing this much about Moringa, you may wonder, is Moringa good for arthritis as well?

And yes, moringa leaf powder is one of the best natural supplements that will help you reduce the pain of arthritis.

The Moringa's leaf extract suppresses the pro-inflammatory molecules, including interleukins (IL-10, IL-1β), prostaglandin-2, NF-kappa B, cyclooxygenase-2, TNF-α, and much more. That's why many arthritis-treating drugs use moringa extracts.

Moringa, The Natural Cure For Osteoporosis

You know the importance of calcium in curing osteoporosis. But did you know that iron is also needed along with calcium for the fastest and maximum effect?

Moringa has 25x more iron than spinach. You will get iron and calcium from one source, which makes it convenient to incorporate into the diet of someone suffering from osteoporosis.

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After knowing these many benefits of moringa powder, you may be thinking of adding it to your regular diet.      

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