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Harmful ‘All Natural’ Ingredients to Avoid Using in Homemade Beauty Recipes

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Looking pretty is a common desire urged by millions. Amidst lockdown, taking care of ourselves became difficult as the beauty and wellness centers across the globe were shut for quite long. But one thing that let a lot of people have a sigh of relief was DIY beauty ideas.

Internet was flooded with hundreds of DIYs, and some took advantage of the situation by promoting DIY skincare tips to keep up the website traffic. People didn’t just welcome the proposition of using homemade beauty products, but also started following the same instantaneously.

However, during our journey of the past few weeks, we discovered several cases of people reporting some skin irritations. When consulted with some others, the issue was found to be prevalent.

So here we are to strongly advise you about avoiding some so-called ‘all-natural’ ingredients in your DIY homemade skincare solutions. These items emerged to be massive culprits instead of being the heroes of beauty.

Avoid Using These Harmful ‘All Natural’ Ingredients in Homemade Beauty Recipes Right Away


Proclaimed to glorify the skin and reduce the oiliness, this culprit ingredient causes severe inflammation. Teens and adults in their 20s reported slight darkness in their skin with the sensation of burns.

Why is it a Culprit?

Lemon contains vitamin C, which is acidic in nature. In beauty products, the amount is balanced; however, people didn’t know how to neutralize the acidity at home. As a result, this hero became a culprit causing black patches to the skin.


Known to be highly anti-septic, this spice had been believed to beautify millions of women all across the Indian subcontinent. However, people reported inflammation and skin irritation.

Why is it a Culprit?

The fact that people missed is that they were outside of that geography and the kind of turmeric also differed. In India, only a specific turmeric type is used in homemade beauty products, which is balanced with some other products.


Many people included charcoal in their homemade beauty recipes. They believed that it would help as an activating agent to reduce dirt.

Why is it a Culprit?

Lesser-known common knowledge that charcoal is carcinogenic and can cause activation of cancer cells in the body.


Often used in a lot of applications due to its calming nature, this herb is suitable only for pleasing smelling sensors. Inhaling it can give you a sense of relaxed surroundings.

Why is it a Culprit?

People mistook its calming nature and included it in skin care products to calm and cool the skin. Lavender has some oils and chemicals that cause burn to the skin on the immediate contact.


An ingredient believed to be gentle and helpful in treating acne skin. Sandalwood has properties to reduce oiliness. But people using it in its raw form complained of skin irritation. Its aromatic nature is also considered good for the skin.

Why is it a Culprit?

Sandalwood is quite aromatic, and its aroma is really soothing. It is good to use on normal skin. But on acne, the aromatic compounds in this culprit cause severe irritation.

If it was all a scam, then what to do now?

The purpose of this article is to help and educate you and not scare or warn. Lockdown has almost lifted, and you can visit the beauty and wellness centers once again. But in case you are still dubious about the health risks, please feel free to treat yourself with Bael Wellness Clay Mask Bentonite/Aloe Vera/Lemon Peel Powder.

This powder is made with natural ingredients to benefit all skin types. Still, we have taken due care to neutralize all kinds of skin irritation compounds. The bonus is that it provides your skin with all the advantages that the ingredients mentioned above can, but without any side effects.


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