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A popular medicinal plant, aloe vera is found in every home. It consists of constituents like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, amino acids, etc., that naturally treat various skin, body, and hair conditions.

But, the plant is much more than what it looks like. It has umpteen beauty, health, and skincare benefits.

Uses of Aloe Vera

  • Shaving Cream

Aloe Vera works wonders as a shaving gel. It provides a perfect smooth slip that avoids the chances of pesky shaving bumps. Shaving with aloe vera helps in clearing irritated skin and promoting the growth of new skin cells.

  • Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Aloe vera is beneficial for people with diabetes. Regular intake of juice helps to manage the blood sugar level in the body.

  • Aids Digestion

Aloe vera is great for treating digestive issues. The plant contains several natural enzymes that help break the sugar and fat level in the body for smooth digestion.

  • Stimulates Hair Growth

Special enzymes called proteolytic enzymes present in aloe vera break down dead skin cells on the scalp and promote hair growth. It also acts as a great conditioner for smooth and shiny hair.

How is it Useful for Skin & Face?

  • Soothes Sunburn

Aloe vera's cooling and anti-inflammatory properties make it an exceptional natural remedy for treating sunburn or burnt skin. The gel relieves pain, redness, and irritation. It acts as a protective layer and helps in retaining natural skin.

  • Moisturises the Skin

When applied as a moisturizer, the gel does not leave a greasy and oily texture on the skin. It softens and hydrates the skin.

  • Treats Acne

Antimicrobial properties of aloe vera naturally treat pimples. The gel controls and reduces acne-causing bacteria.

  • Lightens Blemishes

Aloe vera naturally treats stretch marks, acne spots, age spots, and freckles.

  • Rejuvenates Skin

Aloe vera also has anti-aging properties that help diminishes wrinkles, aging lines and boost collagen production in the skin.

  • Heals Wounds

The plant is beneficial for quick relief from redness, soreness, and swelling. It even treats cuts, burns, and other skin injuries.

Benefits of Bael Clay Mask with Aloe Vera

Bael Wellness Clay Mask Bentonite  is a premium quality, natural, organic clay mask with aloe vera and lemon peel powder. The mask absorbs all the impurities, like dirt, and oil from the skin.

The aloe vera powder helps in rejuvenating the skin, and lemon peel powder softens and treats acne. Oily, dry, or sensitive, the face clay mask works wonders for every skin type.

Bael Wellness Clay Mask Bentonite


There are plenty of ways to use aloe vera for your skin. One of the most common ways is by extracting the gel from the leaf, but it is not always feasible for you to cut the leaf and scratch the gel from within. Often, we fall short of time to do such efforts.

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