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Why Should You Give Your Toenails a Break from Polish?

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When you visit a mall, you are instantly tempted to have beautiful and shiny looking nails. As summers approach, pedicure seems to be the one-stop solution for shabby looking toenails. We ladies often get it painted to enhance the beauty of nails. But, do you know that continually applying nail paints can attract cracks and fungus to your beautiful looking nails.

Taking a Break from Nail Polish is Essential!

It is challenging to stay away from nail paints, but you should avoid the nail polish this summer so that your nails can get oxygen. When you remove the nail polish from the nails, they come in contact with air, and this way, you allow them to breathe and recover. Continuous application of Nail polish may result in the development of fungus, yeast, bacteria, mold, crack, and mildew under the nail plate.

Keeping nail polish for a long time on your nail harms your nails. The pigments present in the nail paint can seep in the surface and inner layer of your nails and can make them dry.

Moreover, removing nail polish from the nail paint remover frequently may result in dry nails. These dry nails, in turn, lead to cracks, peel, and brittle nails. As a result, your nails may become susceptible to fungal and bacterial infection.

When you are filing and buffing your nails to make them shine, you are simultaneously weakening the layers of your nails. It makes them more vulnerable to damage where you’re essentially filing and buffing away actual layers of your nail surface.

How to Remove Nail Fungus?

When it comes to removing the nail fungus, Tea Tree Oil works the best. Let’s see how:

Tea Tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-bacterial properties. It can do miracles if applied twice a day. It can kill the infection within a week. However, the healing time depends on the severity of the fungal infection, so you need to be consistent with the treatment.

Moreover, it is readily available in the household for which you don’t need to hassle around. As your nails grow, the impact of tea tree oil on your nails is visible.

A study compared the effects of a cream that comprised both 5 percent tea tree oil and 2 percent butenafine hydrochloride (a synthetic antifungal) with a placebo. It showed that around 80% of the patients with nail fungal infections were cured. It is evident from the study that tea tree oil can cure nail fungus and entirely heal it so that the infection doesn’t return.

Our Recommendations

The market is full of various options, but it is essential to buy high-quality oil for the best results. We would recommend you to try out the tea tree oil from Bael Wellness. It’s highly antiseptic, and it’s antifungal properties make it a powerful remedy for nail fungus. It is of premium quality, 100% natural, and organic.

Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil

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