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Tea Tree Oil is Great for Treating and Preventing Bumps After Waxing

All of you who have waxed their legs or hands will be fully aware of the bumps that appear on the skin. This, in addition to the usual itchy skin, can be quite problematic. Did you know that these post-waxing skin bumps are more prominent in women than in men?The wax used for removing unwanted hair contains chemical agents which cause skin irritation and bumps. If these bumps are not looked into, then it can turn pretty nasty and you would end up with serious skin issues. I am sure you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Tea tree oil is a wonderful healing agent for skin problems and it is capable of healing post-waxing skin bumps naturally. The oil has the antibacterial properties and this makes the stuff ideal for the bumps. It fights bacteria and cleans the skin naturally. It is safe as long as the concentration is checked before application. Use the one which is the safest for you.

Method 1:

Take a cotton ball and dip it in some tea tree oil. Make sure that you get pure tea tree oil or it won’t work as expected. Apply the oil with the help of a cotton ball. Cover all the bumps as evenly as possible and let leave it there. The oil makes the skin less sensitive and free of any bacterial infection that may have been caused. Apply tea tree oil at least once a day by using this method to get smooth bump-free skin.

Method 2:

Tea tree oil can be added to any carrier such as lotions, cold creams and other oils. Choose the carrier that you use regularly. Add a few drops (4-5 drops) of tea tree oil to the carrier and mix it well. You may now apply this mix once a day. While the carrier will soothe the skin, the oil will kill the bacteria and heal the skin naturally.

Ask an expert about the possible effects of using tea tree oil in its full strength as well as the diluted form. If the problem persists, then don’t hesitate to consult a doctor for proper treatment. Also, make sure you get good quality tea tree oil to ensure that the desired effect is achieved. Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil is one of the finest tea tree oils in the market and it comes in a specially crafted bottle that allows the oil to be poured easily. Several users have recommended it. Give it a try and get rid of all skin problems.

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