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Most of us spend so much time traveling as a part of our job or just commuting on some occasions. But, sitting behind the wheels for longer hours can cause muscle cramps or leg pain. It could be a simple pain for some people, but for many, it could be severely painful and can impact their regular lifestyle, including difficulty walking.

Reasons for Leg Pain while Driving

Leg pain generally occurs when the Sciatic nerve of your back or leg gets squeezed or pressed for a long time. Especially when you sit on a chair or driving seat in a wrong or uncomfortable position for a very long time regularly, your right leg can get severely affected while driving because it performs most of the heavy tasks, including managing brakes and accelerator.

Signs of Right Leg Discomfort

Leg discomfort can be constant or irregular and can affect the entire leg or any specific part. The sensations can be different like soaring, tingling, aching, stabbing, rigidity, foot dropping off altogether, knee discomfort, tightness, swelling, difficulty in walking, cramping, tenderness, stiffness, redness, or bruising, muscle weakness, and more.

How to Lower Right Leg Discomfort

You can try some amazing easy steps to lower the right leg discomfort, including taking breaks throughout your long journey, doing pre-drive and post-drive stretching to relax the muscles, using back-support cushions or wage pillows, and applying warm and cold compressor.

Treating Leg Muscle Cramps and Soreness while/after Driving

If you are experiencing muscle or calf cramps while driving, you can try repositioning your seat to avoid this pain. You may feel instant relief after pushing your seat back.

Also, you can perform some easy yet effective exercises while driving, including toes stretching, moving your arms and shoulders in a circular motion, or tightening and relaxing your calf/leg muscles periodically.

Conclusion: Use Bael Seat Cushion and Bael Soothing Balm to Treat Muscle Cramps and Leg Pain

You can use our Bael Wellness Sciatica, Coccyx & Tailbone Support Seat Cushion to reduce the risk of prolonged sitting. It alleviates pain, fatigue, aches, and soreness and can be used with car seats, wheelchairs, and office chairs because of its anti-sliding back and innovative material.

Bael Wellness Sciatica, Coccyx & Tailbone Support Seat Cushion


And you can also use our Bael Soothing Balm. A Premium Hemp Seed Infused balm and a natural remedy to treat, back pain, muscle pain, knee and joint pain.

Premium hemp seed infused soothing balm


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