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Lower back pain from driving is no joke. The one who has experienced it knows how much the severe pain affects driving and lifestyle.

Although most long drivers face it, what is the reason behind this discomfort and how to get rid of back pain due to driving?

Let’s find out and read the blog till the end. It will be going to be your life-changing experience.

3 Major Causes of Back Pain While Driving

Although there can be many reasons that can contribute to back pain, here we are sharing the three major causes that are mainly responsible for back pain after long drives:

  1. Lousy Positioning
  2. Continuous Trembling
  3. Lack Of Support

5 Leading Tips to Help with Neck and Back Pain When Driving

Below are some of the best tips that will help you to soothe the back pain and get rid of the discomfort:

1.    Get Preventive Stuff Before Getting in The Car

It is always smart to take precautions beforehand. You must consider investing in valuable accessories like memory foam seat cushions, air-filled cushions, or for better prevention of neck and back pain, medical seat cushion to prevent sciatica, back and tailbone pain, and coccyx.

2.    Adjust Rear & Side Mirrors

Often due to improper adjustment of mirrors, you need to shift yourself in poor positioning to view, and too frequently will put pressure on your spine resulting in back pain.

3.    Take Breaks to Move and Stretch

Driving on long routes may be fun but don’t forget to take frequent breaks, as prolonged seating in a still position will increase the chances of back pain and sciatica.

4.    Use Extra Cushion for Back Support While Driving

Most car or truck seat cushions and designs are uncomfortable, leading drivers to face extreme back pain or other problems. Using support cushions for the back and neck will help to prevent back pain and related problems.

5.    Adjust the Driving Seat in the Appropriate Position

The seat back should not be reclined as it can lead to neck pain and strain on the spine. The seat should be leveled around 5 degrees upwards to support your legs.

Get Bael Wellness Specialty Neck Cushion Combo Pack

The seat cushion combo by Bael Wellness is approved by American Chiropractic Association (ACA) that helps you treat coccyx, sciatica, back, and tailbone pain.

You can use this cushion for office chairs, car driving seats, airplanes, wheelchairs, and other chairs. It’s easy to handle and carry wherever with you at ease. Get rid of your back and neck pain in the car while driving; order now!


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