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Did You Know Nail Polish Colors Can Change Your Mood

The color of your nail polish says a lot about your mood. If you think that the nail polish is just used to add a touch of color to your personality, then you are mistaken. Colors have been known to reflect the mood f the person and it is usually a psycho-emotional response to the way the individual presents herself.

Nails are the ultimate accessory. Color, shape and length can express your personality and maybe your alter ego! Interestingly, people who create nail art are those who like to experiment and break the rules while trying new stuff. However, if you use monochromatic polishes, then the following information can help you understand how your mood is revealed by your choice of nail polish color.

Gray / Dark Blue

If you have applied gray or dark blue nail polish, then you are probably sad. Maybe you are ignorant of your mood or trying to distract yourself, but don’t let others find out exactly how you are feeling inside. Some may try to help you to come out of your sad mood while others may make you sadder.

Aubergine / Black

Aubergine or black nail polish indicates anger. If you are angry about something or someone, then make sure that you find a way to vent out the anger alone. You might end up hurting someone for something that they are not responsible for. If you find yourself applying these particular shades, then make sure you keep your anger under control.

Pink / Turquoise

Pink and Turquoise indicate happiness. If you have got these colors on your nails, then you are certainly in a very good mood. People will get to know about your mood from the color of your nails and you can start your day on a very bright note.

Mustard / Green

Are you feeling confused? Well, if you have mustard or green nail polish on your nails, then you are probably confused about something. You may be able to figure out your confusion on your own, but do not let others find out about your mood. If you are planning to attend a job interview, then you better stay away from these colors.

Red / Solid White

Are you wearing red or solid white nail colors? You are definitely in love. This is a wonderful feeling and you should show it off to the world. Make sure you have you nails trimmed perfectly and in the best shape ever. It adds a “wow” factor to the overall appeal.

Sheer White / Beige

Applying beige or sheer white nail colors indicates that you are anxious. Try to introspect and understand the source of your anxiety. Find it out before someone else comes to know about it from the color of your nails.

Are Your Nails Healthy?

It is very important for you to have healthy nails because no amount of nail polish can add the visual appeal if your nails are unhealthy. You could have fungal infection or bacterial growth which can eventually damage your nails. We recommend the Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil which is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic. More importantly, it provides a 100% natural and safe treatment for all nail problems. Try it out today and get healthy nails that you would love to show off.

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