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Can emotions get trapped in muscles?

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Human life is another name for the treadmill, where we are flashed with different incidences, each carrying a different emotion. And we keep on chasing those emotions. Such as, in the morning, you get good news, and on the same day at noon, another bad news awaits you on the call!

This affects the emotional well-being of a person. Read the blog below and learn about emotional wealthiness.

What Does It Mean To Have 'Trapped' Emotions?

Having 'trapped' emotions means having emotions stuck in your body due to unresolved trauma or negative experiences. These emotions can manifest as physical sensations, such as muscle tension, tightness, heaviness, muscle issues, or pain. They can lead to emotional outbursts, depression, anxiety, and other issues.

How Do Emotions Get Trapped?

Our body is a map; every incident we face gets summed in our minds and stored as emotions. This emotional information is stored through the "packages" in our organs, skin, tissues, and muscles. These emotional packages stay until we release them. If unreleased, they stay for months, years, or decades. And those emotional experiences can be held in muscle tension, pain, and other issues.

So, we must adopt the process of acknowledging, releasing, and coping with the changes and challenges. This will help to reduce the emotional burden and not lead to emotional baggage. 

Unprocessed Emotions: A cause of Muscle Tension

Our bodies respond most of the time physically when we feel overwhelmed by intense and unprocessed emotions. And we experience muscle tension, pain, or discomfort due to increased stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. On top of that, if we're unable to process our emotions properly, it can lead to poor posture, which can also cause muscle tension in the back or tension in the neck and shoulders.

Ways To Release Emotions From the Body

Releasing emotions is important because it allows us to process and healthily move through our feelings. To distress yourself, you can release emotions in 3 ways. They are:

1.    Mentally

You can release the emotions mentally by practicing mindfulness, identifying and challenging any negative thoughts, positive self-talk, etc.

2.    Physically

As emotional tension causes muscle pain, you can also use a soothing balm, which will help you to release muscle tension and get rid of stiff muscle and neck discomfort due to emotional baggage.

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3.    Emotionally

You can release emotions by acknowledging your feelings, validating your emotions, and practicing self-compassion.

Take Time For Yourself And Be Kind To Your Emotions

It would be best always to validate your emotions and not be harsh on yourselves. For your emotional well-being, you should always take note if the symptoms show up, like muscle tension in the back, muscle tension in the neck, and others, as this might grow and lead to chronic muscle tension. In this case, you can use the best hemp seed-infused soothing balm, which also helps you eliminate inflammation.

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